Visser Mirrors & Glass

About this project

Project: Glass floor doors

Client: HTI-RVS

Description: These automatically opening and closing custom floor doors are highly precision work. Because this is accurate to the millimeter, this customization is of course also required of the glass that is processed into it.

As the shutters must be walkable, they are made of tempered laminated 10/10/4 glass with PP ground. Often the glass is fitted with painted surfaces on the inside of the glass. In this way, the spray layer is fully protected and there is no chance of releasing of the paint. Depending on the customer’s wishes, we can produce a (semi-)round, square or rectangular hatch, and we can produce these shutters in all NCS and RAL colors.

In addition to its durability and carrying power, this safety glass is scratch-free and easy to clean. That is why the floor hatch will last for a lifetime. Framed by a stylish frame of HTI-RVS, this floor hatch will be an eyecatcher in your home!