Do you like the effect of sandblasting on glass? Then we have good news for you, because we can produce it for you. We can process any desired pattern or drawing in the glass. Do you already have any idea for which project you are going to use this glass or will it be a complete separation? We will tell you more about sandblasting of glass and the process of this. So that you can think of what project this glass will be useful for.

The process of sandblasting glass

The sandblasting of custom-made glass and mirrors is done in our sandblasting booth. A part of the surface is then masked by the rays of grid. Full-face blasted, but also motifs can be applied. We have a cutter so that any desired motif, logo, drawing, etc. can be applied to the glass. Ideal, because we can produce everything you want.

Mirrors & Glass projects

Visser mirrors & glass can be hired for glass sandblasting, as well as for other glass processing. We have had years of experience and know exactly what we need to do to keep our customers happy. You can also visit us for large projects such as glass walls in hotels, cruise ships, yacht building and restaurants. We take care of these projects from start to finish, so you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Sandblasting glass on location

Do you choose sandblasting of glass? Our specialists will be happy to work for you. You can submit your order by phone or email. In addition, you can indicate whether you want to have the order delivered on site or prefer to pick it up yourself. Using the desired patterns, we make a drawing with the exact dimensions. Because the semi-finished products are in stock as much as possible, we can ensure that you get the product as soon as possible. At what location will you use these glass walls or mirrors?

Learn more about sandblasting glass

Do you have any questions? Would you like to receive more information? Need a quotation without any obligation? Enough reasons to contact us. After placing your order, we will do our utmost to deliver the product to your full satisfaction. Not satisfied? Then we will provide an appropriate solution. This ensures satisfied customers and ensures a long-term relationship with our entire customer base. We deliver according to the terms of delivery of the ‘’Department of GLASS’’. We offer craftsmanship and passion for mirrors & glass.