Do you need tempered glass for one of your projects? Order custom made tempered glass from Visser Mirrors & Glass. We have a wide range of mirrors and glass types, which also includes tempered glass. On this page you will find all the possibilities for tempered glass and how tempered glass is produced.

How is tempered glass manufactured to measure?

Recently, Visser mirrors & Glas bought its own tempering oven. With this oven we can now produce our own tempered glass. Tempered glass is 5 times stronger than normal glass. This is achieved through a heat and cold process, called “tempering”. The glass processing tempered glass has a heat resistance of 250 degrees without loss of quality. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into thousands of small pieces which limit injuries. Tempered glass is a perfect product when the glass is subjected to heavy loads and where many people come together. Think of a busy shopping street, swimming pool, sports hall or bakery. Tempered glass is often used in windows and doors. We want to deliver the highest quality to our customers. That’s why every new batch in the tempering oven will have a test plate. This plate is broken by the operator and the glass fragments are counted. We can therefore assure you that our hard glass meets the European standard.

Advantages tempered glass

The use of tempered glass has several advantages. For example, tempered glass is custom-made to withstand extreme temperatures. It is resistant to extremely low and high temperatures and has a heat resistance of approximately 300 degrees Celsius. In addition, the bending strength of tempered glass is much higher than normal glass.

Tempered glass can also be securely clamped between fasteners and is suitable for blunt objects. Because our tempered glass meets safety standards, it is ideal for your glass interior and exterior doors, walls, tempered glass installations or shower doors.

Dimensions for custom made tempered glass

The tempering oven can process the following glass:

  • Max glass size oven = 1500mm x 3000mm
  • Min glass size oven = 100mm x 250mm
  • Glas thickness = 4mm – 19mm
  • Cut-outs in tempered glass need to have at least the thickness of the glass due to breakage.
  • Cut-outs in tempered glass are no problem
  • Cut-outs must not be proportional to the corners due to breakage

Do you have a particular preference for the tempered glass? Please let us know when ordering. We will then start producing the hard glass, so the product is as desired.

Ordering tempered glass

To order tempered glass you can contact us by mail or telephone. As soon as we have received your order, we will start working for you. Do you need exact sizes? Order your glass tailor-made. Our products are taken from our own stock, so we can deliver in a short time. You can choose whether you want the products delivered to the site or whether you want them to be picked up by yourself when you order. You will receive an automatic message when your order is ready.

Information about tempered glass

Would you like to receive more information about the custom glass of Visser Mirrors & Glass? Our specialists are available to help you! You can contact us by phone or send an email to We strive to deliver all our products to the full satisfaction of the customer. We look forward to receiving your order so we can get started for you!