Glass can be processed by various methods, of which CNC machining is one. CNC stands for Computer Numerica Control and is therefore a computer-controlled control of machines. Glass is cut and processed perfectly and precisely by CNC. Learn more about CNC editing capabilities here.

CNC processing of glass

We own the most modern machines, including our “Intermac” CNC machine. The drawings for this machine are made in a .dxf file, which then can be read by the CNC machine. This machine processes everything fully automatically: Milling, grinding, drilling, face grinding and shivering. Ideal for various surfaces and methods. In the picture opposite you will see a glass door with the hinge recess visible. It is milled and ground with the CNC. The CNC machine is a perfect machine for both single and serial work.

Orders at Visser Mirrors & Glass

What kind of glass operations do you want and where do you use the glass walls? Contact us to discuss a plan together, so CNC machining is the perfect solution. If not? Then you can choose from our other glass operations to create the perfect glass walls. Once you have made a selection, you can send it to us by mail or telephone. We will then start working right in front of you. In addition, we have our own stock, which allows you to pick up your order or have it delivered to your location within a short period of time.

Learn more about CNC processing

Would you like to get in touch with our specialists to receive a personal advice or learn more about CNC glass editing? You can do this through our contact page. Please fill in your details and we will contact As soon as possible Do you want to order large quantities of glass with CNC machining? We advise you to request a quote from Prefer to order directly? Please mail your order to