Do you need a hole for different purposes in some areas of glass or mirrors? That is not a problem! At Visser Mirrors & Glass we can achieve this in a very safe way. If not handled with care, the glass may break around the hole. We will be happy to work for you in a specialist way. Read more about this glass processing here!

Drilling holes in glass and mirrors

We drill holes in glass and mirrors using our double-sided drill. Double-sided means that the bottom is drilled first and then the top is completely pierced. This is the method of drilling, to prevent formation of flakes. We can drill holes from 3 mm to 70 mm. Just tell us how large the hole should be and we will ensure that the hole is drilled safely.

Order at Visser Mirrors & Glass

Choose from our options of glass processing and then submit your order to us by mail or phone. We can then start drilling the holes with our double-sided drill. So, you should indicate how many mm the holes should be, and you will then be drilled perfect holes in the glass or in the mirror. Would you like to have it delivered to the appropriate location or pick up your order? Please let us know when ordering!

Information about drilling holes

More information about all glass operations or drilling a hole? Our specialists can tell you all about it. Make a good choice for the glass or mirror and you will be amazed by the result. Where do you need the glass or mirror with these holes? Consult with us and we will give you advice! Contact us now, leave your details via our contact page or request a quote for large quantities.