In a sliding window, you will of course need a handle or a glass door. Without a handle, it is difficult to open the sliding window. However, it is not easy to get started by grinding a handle yourself. After all, you do not want the glass to break. Therefore you are at the right place for this kind of glass processing at Visser Mirrors & Glass. Are you working on a project on site? Then we offer you the best solution and you will finish the work as best as possible with our glass plates that can serve as a sliding window. Read more about glass grinding handles here.

Grinding handles in glass

Grinding handles in glass is done by means of a vertically rotating disc, which is lowered onto the glass plate. Handles are ground in glass plates that are to serve as sliding window. Normally a handle has a mat appearance, but can be polished on request. So think ahead of time about the best look of these handles at the location.

Matte or polished handles?

Order custom made glass now with handles at Visser Mirrors & Glass. Indicate whether these handles should be polished or whether you prefer them with a mat appearance. Do you pick up your order or would you like us to deliver it on-site? Please also advise when ordering your handholds. Call or email us your order and we will fine-tune some of them with you.

Want to know more about grinding handles in glass?

Want to know more about grinding handles in glass? Our specialists can tell you more about our glass operations and in the specific grinding of the handles. If you have any questions, please contact us or leave your details on our contact page. We will then contact As soon as possible with you Do you want to order handles in large quantities? First, request a quote via