Silver glass is a real specialty of Visser Mirrors & Glass. Because of a unique process, which we have been carrying out since 1945, we are the only factory in the Netherlands that is able to silver glass (and tempered glass) and to redo the silvering old mirrors again. We silver the glass in our own factory in Duiven. The quality of the mirror or silver glass is particularly high and is produced in a traditional way. At Visser Mirrors & Glass you are assured of the best results.

Our specialties

Are you interested in silvering glass? In addition to our silvered glass and redoing the silvering of the mirrors, we are also able to silver some parts of the glass. The silver glass does not have to be completely filling. This allows a mirror to be fully integrated into a partition wall, glass shower wall or other glass panels. We offer tailor-made glass. There is no mirror on the glass, but this is one seamless product. This way a real eyecatcher can be created and you can realize a product that is unique. We specialize in:

  • Redo the silvering of antique mirrors
  • Silver tempered glass
  • Silver a specific part of glass
  • Antique silvering

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the various options.

Combine glass silvering

The silvering can also be well combined with lamination and/or printing on glass. This allows patterns and colors to be created. By combining this glass processing, unique products are produced for you to measure. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

Silvering glass at Visser Mirrors & Glass

Do you want to silver glass for a project? Feel free to contact us to discuss a plan together to ensure a perfect finish. Isn’t this glass processing what you are looking for? Please feel free to visit our website. With us you will find different methods of glass processing, so you can choose from our other options. As a consumer, you can contact our dealers for these glass operations. Do you want to silver mirrors or glass in large numbers? Please first request a quote on We are happy to help you!

More information about silvering glass?

Did you make a choice? You can send us a message by mail or telephone. We’ll get you started right away! We have our own stock, so you can pick up your order or have it delivered on-site within a short period of time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or leave your details on our contact page. We will then contact you as soon as possible. Our specialists can tell you more about our glass operations and in particular about silvering glass.