Glass processing is possible in a variety of ways. Visser Glass has so much knowledge that we are able to process your glass in the most beautiful ways. Every day, our team members roll up their sleeves at our factory, where they manufacture glass for small and medium-sized businesses.

PP grinding, UV adhesives and sandblasting are just three types of glass processing that we can do for you. Would you like to know more about what Visser Glas can do for your organization? On this page we will tell you all about our service glass processing.


Glass processing


Glass processing is a meticulous craft. Because of the fragility of the material, it is very important that the employee in question knows exactly how to perform a glass processing. To ensure the quality of our services, we work with the best production staff in the country. With more than 75 years of experience in the field, Visser Glas is a leading player in the world of glass processing.

Have glass processed

Glass processing by Visser Glass, can be done in no less than 15 ways. A method that is becoming more and more popular is laminating glass. In this production method, two glass plates are attached together by foil. Often our customers choose to print the product with a photo or text. This provides for a great product.

Other forms of glass processing

Does laminating glass appeal less to you? Then consider asking for a quote for another form of glass processing, such as sandblasting. Our employees use a sandblaster to do this. The power with which this machine sprays sand is so strong that creations of great beauty arise on the surface.

Spraying or printing on glass

We also specialize in glass processing where we spray or print glass on glass.We also specialize in glass processing where we spray or print glass on glass. We do glass spraying in our brand new spray booth, which allows us to paint all 4250 NCS colors. Examples of products that can be sprayed are rear walls, partitions, doors and ordinary panels.

We can also help you with glass printing. This form of glass processing gives your glass a unique look. For example, printing:

  • Photo’s
  • Drawings
  • Portrets
  • Landscapes
  • Symbols
  • Logos
  • Lettering on the glass

We do this glass processing by means of digital printing. These prints are more durable, UV-resistant, and digital printing also increases the brightness and pixel count, resulting in a positive image quality.

Handles glass processing

Nothing is as difficult as getting handles in the glass. With the help of glass cutters it is possible to edit single glass by cutting it out, be careful that the dimensions are correct and you do not cut too much. Double toughened or laminated glass is not intended for any glass processing. It is also possible to grind decoration, think of different figures. So you want to get more out of certain glass. Then this can be both manual and do-it-yourself or professional through the glass processing of Visser Glass.

Glass processing by Visser Glass

For all types of glass processing, you are at the right address at Visser Glass. Visser Glas offers several beautiful glass treatments as well as custom-made glass and mirrors. You can’t think of something so crazy we can’t make it. Check out all the possibilities on our website now. We are happy to offer you a wide choice of glass and glass, so you can always find the product that suits you!