The effect of facet grinding on glass is very nice. But what exactly is a facet edge? By means of facetting, a bevel is created on the glass or mirror. This way a decorative border is created. The glass or mirror looks a little different. Facet grinding is also ideal in low-light areas, as the light is reflected by the facets. As a result, the space can also be a lot larger than that it actually is. It also looks a bit different from a normal piece of glass or mirror. Are you interested in facet grinding? We will tell you more about this.

What do we do at facet grinding?

Facet grinding adds value to the product, whether it’s a glass plate or a mirror. Facet grinding is done on our “Bavelloni” facetmachine, where a part of the glass surface is tilted away. The face width can be specified from 5mm to 50mm wide. The residual value can also be indicated by you. The most common face widths are 20mm and 25mm. What are your specifications?

Products and operations

In addition to the facet bevels, we can do more types of glass processing and types of products. You can also order glass shower walls, partition walls and customised mirros at Visser. As a mirror and glass specialist we offer you the best products. Are you curious about what else we can do? On our website you can find all our products and processes, so you can easily find out where you prefer. For a customized quote please contact

Facet grinding glass plate or mirror

Do you want to order a glass plate or a mirror with facet ground edges? Please contact our specialists. You can place an order so that we can get started for you. Because our products come directly from our stock, we can offer a short delivery time. When ordering, you can indicate whether you want to have the mirror or wall with facet ground edges delivered or prefer to pick up your own.

Questions about facet grinding?

After reading this information, do you have a question about facet grinding? No problem, we are happy to help you. Please call us or send an email to ask all your questions. You can also send the order to us. We want to deliver all our products to the customer’s satisfaction. For the latest news and information about our products, please visit our newsletter or our Facebook page.