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Fleet anniversary

To celebrate the 75 year anniversary already small, our cars are now being given new vehicle advertising. It can be seen that we as Visser have been active since the year 1945.

In addition to the years, all the sectors of Visser can be seen.

  • Visser Mirrors & Glass
  • Vissani Glass Bathrooms
  • Visser Glass projects

All part of the Visser group. Next to these industries, a number of historical photographs have been taken on the back side. Here you can see how small-scale silver is being used and other processes are being carried out. These are all done by Joop Visser. The silver plating is an operation that we have been able to perform since 1945. Partly because of the preservation of this unique process, we are the only company in the Netherlands that is still able to make mirrors this way.

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