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About this project

Project: Alienware Training Facility for Team Liquid (Utrecht)

Client: STOOFF Interiors


Description: Team Liquid is a Dutch e-sports club with professional players from around the world. Since the construction of the state-of-the-art Alienware Training Facility in Utrecht, team members have been working in the complex, which consists of several games rooms, apartments, a gym and a full-time chef restaurant. We have been able to deliver the glass for the futuristic designs for this unique project!

For example, we have hardened/laminated panels with a print so that the panels run from transparent to white. This creates privacy while remaining open spaces.

We have also made on/off panels for various places in the complex. This is electrically switchable glass that is transparent, but when you press the button, electricity flows through the foil making it opaque. In this way you create a kind of ‘privacy on demand’ and can turn an application room into a flexion spot at the touch of a button. The slideshow shows examples of the hexagonal on/off panels. In some cases they have been covered with black lanes to create a sleek design that matches Team Liquid’s image and which integrates the panels into the building’s design.

As Team Liquid, like Visser mirrors & glass, strives for the best possible result, they needed a nice place to display their trophies. That is why we have produced these large and custom-made display cases. The loose parts are UV-bonded to reach the large structure.

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