Visser Glassprojects

About this project

Project: cruise ships

Client: Shipyard De Hoop

Description: We have gained a lot of experience in the interior construction of cruise ships, including Shipyard De Hoop.

For the hotel part, mirrors and shower cabins are often made. In addition, for example, desktops or partitions may be required.

The public areas of such a ship (restaurant, shop, public toilets, bar, lounge) also require a wide variety of glass products. Glass in the balustrades along staircases, glass-processed works of art, glass tabletops, showcases or buffet caps regularly pass by.

The wonderful thing about these projects is the versatility of products that we deliver. Almost every type of glass and processing we offer has already returned to one of the ships because we want and can meet all the customer’s needs. Because our engineers mount the glass ourselves, we make the construction of such a ship with us. When we see the ship when it is finished we always start to lunch again!