Visser Spiegels & Glas

About this project

Project: the Knoptoren in Sint-Oedenrode

Client: Viewcol B.V.

Description: The Knoptoren in Sint-Oedenrode was built in the first decades of the 15th century. Today it is used as a wedding venue or for other meetings. The stately tower was recently given new impetus by designer Geert Mul, performed by Viewcol B.V. with the glass of Visser!

We were trusted to tailor 26 panels. These were laminated with printed PET film up to 13 panels placed in the tower. We have used 4mm extra clear tempered glass to make the foil optimally straight. Depending on where the panels had to be placed in the tower, we have made several angled corners and recesses to allow the panels to fit exactly into the Knoptoren.

The panels are manufactured, PP ground and polished with the CNC machine. It was a nice project to work on and it has resulted in true works of art!

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